Well that’s been a fun and productive couple of months!

ConsenSys Academy 2018

I’m now officially a ConsenSys certified dApp Developer 👊! (Certificate apparently on its way)

The ConsenSys Developer course was definitely worthwhile. I covered a lot of Blockchain theory while following the course lectures and taking the quizzes. The real learning and fun came from the final project where I actually had to build something.

ConSensys Academy Final Project
My final project was a bounty DApp that allows anyone to upload a picture of an item they want identified along with an associated bounty in Eth for the best answer. I got a lot of experience using the various parts of the Web3 technology stack. I used Truffle for development/testing, IPFS for storing the pictures and data (was cool to use this, very powerful idea), uPort for identity, OpenZeppelin libraries (which are really useful) an upgradeable design pattern, deployment to Rinkeby and lots of practice securing and testing smart contracts.

Colony Hackathon Winner

I also managed to bag myself a prize in the Colony Hackathon for my decentralised issue reporting app. I got the Creativity Honorable Mention which was pretty cool and I used my winnings to buy a Devcon IV ticket ✈️ 🤘!!

The Learnings

I came across a few things that I wanted to do while I was #BUIDLING but couldn’t easily find the info on so I’ve been keeping a kind of cheat sheet. Hopefully it might help someone else out there.

The Future Is Bright

The last few months I’ve confirmed to myself that the Blockchain/Ethereum world is something I want to be involved in. There’s so many different, exciting areas to investigate further, now I just have to chose one and dive further down the rabbit hole!