😽 Example of a Flashbot bundle to rescure a cryptokitty from a compromised wallet.

💡 Another UMA post – they keep posting interesting use cases that I’m always interested to dive into but never have the time to do (I think this is maybe part of their problem). Keeping it logged here as a bookmark!

Really good advice (especially given the latest massive correction and volatility) from Ari Paul 🦉

I rarely have good ideas. To overcome this limitation, I think about one topic (like habits) for an unreasonable amount of time. Then, I revise, revise, revise until only the best stuff remains. It’s slow, but it works. You can either be a genius or you can be patient.

James Clear

📷 Using a camera and TinyML to read a physical meter and convert it into an API.

🔧 Multicall pattern in Solidity using Delegatecall. Tweet from Austin.

👨‍💻 Interesting details about running your own ETH node in the cloud.

😎 And this seems like something useful you could do with a node – eth_call any contract with an arbitrary code to access storage values without corresponding public views.

👮 Why I Did Not Go To Jail by Ben Horowitz – just a good example of doing the right, difficult thing.

⚖️ A cool write up explaining what we’ve been working on at Balancer for V2.

⭐ Not sure if this description of path to fame and fortune within Ethereum is meant to have a negative connotation but I’m on step 2!

🤣 Marshawn Lynch at Applebee’s – funny! But I like this guys attitude toward money from what I’ve read.

🧰 What problems do people solve with strace? – Could be handy some day.

🧠 This was cool – post by samczsun giving a guided walkthrough for swap, the hardest challenge in Paradigm CTF 2021.

🧮 I like what @adlrocha is doing with the Improving my math intuition series and the first part about Network Applications of Bloom Filters was really interesting.

₿ Bitcoin is Dead! Quite a fun site, particularly at this time.

You’re not that good. Yet. 🧘‍♂️

👏 This was a nice tweet storm about Balancer V2 and how Coinbase employees were going to invest in it. Not sure it came true but the V2 stuff is!

📺 zkPorter seems like a novel tech and this explainer video was good.

💃 Taylor Swift and NFTS, what’s not to like?

If working at Balancer ever gets non-fun then I imagine I’d like to do something like this. Also cool way to recruit. 🤔

👴🏼 How to Keep Your Edge as You Get Older – good podcast with ideas for me!

🔩 Etherscan & Tx Logs – some nice detail on how to walk these for info.

🏦 Eth staking and Warren Buffet. It’s all about where you stand.

🤯 Uncovering a Four Year Old Bug. A glimpse into how samczsuns brain works hunting down a bug.

🔌 Teardown of a PC power supply – always wanted to get a breakdown of a PSU and this is a really accessible one. Better than the majority of my Uni lectures!!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash