Some interesting things I read lately that I don’t really know what to do with but might be interesting to look back on. $25million hack. ERC-777 tokens, explanations of reentrancy and basic breakdown of transactions.

Post from Paul Graham about Credibility during the Coronavirus. This really sounds familiar to me from past experience especially this:

These people constantly make false predictions, and get away with it, because the things they make predictions about either have mushy enough outcomes that they can bluster their way out of trouble, or happen so far in the future that few remember what they said.

Mastering the Mempool – I just found this interesting and intriguining. Helped to solidify in my mind how things go from say, MetaMask, to the actual blockchain. I liked the suggestions to think of this as the “waiting area” for transactions to be accepted into a block. There’s a whole series available and it looks like it would be interesting to build on.

I wanted to dive into this a bit more but haven’t had time yet. Seems like you link a Solidity fallback function to an ENS domain. You can then do things like send Eth to the address and get PNK via a UniSwap swap or send Eth to an address (CHAIUnipool.DeFiZap.eth) that then adds to UniSwap liquidity pool.

This discussion about the Coronavirus Market Crash from the JL Collins and Madfientist is a good sanity check and bit of reassurance and I think it should mostly be true

Every time there’s a bear market, it has the feeling that it’s something major and it’s something different and it’s terrifying. And almost, if you think about it, that’s by definition, because if it were not those things, there would not be a bear market.

(Photo by Ashes Sitoula on Unsplash)

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