👾 Dark Forest was a pretty fun game to play on the Ethereum network that used xkSNARKs and they did a pretty interesting intro to zk proofs.

No Edinburgh Festival this year 😥 but people are still trying and here’s a celebration of the city.

🛹 Jackass was a big part of my younger days and Steve O was one of my main men. Demise and Rise is pretty inspiring, how he turns his life around should give hope.

Shared a lot but Ethereum is a Dark Forest and the follow up, Escaping The Dark Forest were pretty good – the mempool is cool 😎!

Following up on ☝️ this dives into front-running Bots. Also cool how its a ‘story of block 1088…’.

⚒️ Graphtage: A New Semantic Diffing Tool – could be a handy tool. – Love this ❤️‍🔥 a live cryptocurrency transaction visualizer featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

💸 Pretty useful cheat sheet for seeing IL vs Fees vs Price action on Uniswap.

📻 I’ve been enjoying listening to Justin Kans podcast, The Quest, lately – tech, happiness and the meaning of life!

Vitalik explains Gas costs.

🍱 I didn’t love the whole food farming thing but it was pretty wild and will go down in Ethereum history. Here’s some food for thought (🤦).

👨‍💻 How to re-send a transaction with higher gas price using ethers.js – Something that might be useful.

Options are interesting and I’ve played a bit with Opyn. Some interesting Buidling ideas.💡

📖 Perpetual Contracts are another finance instrument thats new to me and here’s a bit of an explainer.

👏 One of the few posts I’ve seen that shows examples for EIP712. Also goes into meta-txs.

Photo by Clever Visuals on Unsplash

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