Blockchains & Digital Currency

Warning, this is a bit of a brain spew!

Digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and the blockchains they are built on are exciting and interesting technologies. I’ve been following various blogs about them for some time and there are often comparrisons to the early days of the internet. If that’s the case I want to be involved! But I’m not sure of the best way. And is it going to live up to the hype?

There appear to be two obvious ways to get into it. Firstly develop using the technologies or secondly – speculate on the associated currencies/tokens. I don’t know if I have the creativity or the time to dive into the development side of things although I do find it interesting, especially Ethereum. Speculating on the currency is easy enough to do, just purchase some, but it’s really just guess work, think I need to come up with some kind of strategy.

Git calls on another directory

Today I learned that it’s possible to call git commands on a directory/repository other than the one you are currently in. For example to call git status on a repo in /var/app just type:

git --git-dir=/var/app/.git/ --work-tree=/var/app status

I used this in a Python script I’ve been writing at work that automatically checks for updates in a repo and updates the code if there are any. More on that another time.