β›½ GasTokens are pretty interesting and this was a good article.

πŸ†’ Pretty cool (but expensive) screen project here.

Have a plan! Some good advice in this tweet. Particularly like – “But who really gives a shit about the “top” if you know exactly how much you need to retire and you get there well before the “top”? You just hit that number and you exit the game with a grin…Draw up your expenses… calculate how much you’ll have leftover after you pay taxes on some huge ass crypto gains. Then, assume about 5-7% a year in income thanks to some “safe” dividend stocks, maybe an annuity and some cefi stablecoin income…” πŸ¦‰

🧘 Also some good advice – On Despair and the Imagination.

⚠️ Interesting tweet about BTC yield. Info about risks – > 50% flash crash risk >wBTC custodial risk > AAVE risks > Yearn/Curve risks, USDT risk too using 3pool. And how to maximise %, i.e. If using AAVE you borrow TUSD at 1.5% then swap to USDT. If using Compound you borrow DAI but receive COMP for overall around 0%.

🎨 Some, cool, colourful and reasonably priced artwork.

😒 The Girl In The Window – wow, that was a hard hitting read.

🎸 Long live Rock And Roll! Our β€˜Lost’ Weekend With Van Halen – A pretty amusing story that’s also a bit shocking in the way it shows how times have changed.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Some more cool art – this time Crypto Art (but a horrible website!)

😱 Big liquidation event on Compound because of DAI Oracle price. Pretty scary lesson learned here.

❓ Good questions for the dinner table from Polina Marinovas newsletter – What was the most formative event in your life that you believe shaped who you are today? and What is one belief you hold that you would be afraid to share in public?

🧰 Recommended by rabmarut as an easier to use alternative to Metamask – Frame.

🏈 Some of the Huddle Up posts are really good. “Equity Deals Only” about DeAndre Hopkins was worth a read.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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