⛓️ Interesting Tweet from a project dev about writing his own code rather than use TheGraph. Covalent was mentioned as alternative – get events by topic hash or get events by contract address to fetch fully decoded log events for any contract.

πŸ‘ Rules of thumb that simplify decisions

An explanation πŸ€‘ about the different ways to make money with Options.

πŸ§™ Seems like good advice – 1/3 (networth) for the house, 1/6 to deal with expense / taxes, 1/2 rocket fuel.

βš’οΈ Glitch – Build fast, full-stack web apps in your browser. Seems interesting and could be good for demos, docs or learning quickly.

Valentines isn’t far past so love ❀️ is in the air – 36 Questions That Lead To Love

⏱️ Time Billionaire – Is a pretty cool idea.

πŸ” Pretty useful security tip – How to Ensure You’re Running the Legitimate Version of MetaMask

🐳 Wow – a wallet showing how the whales do it! πŸ’΅

Some more options craziness β‚Ώ

More Burniske wisdom – it’s all waves man πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ

πŸ€ͺ Can’t get any crazier than 2020 – funny but not funny!

Getting In Good πŸƒ – Really interesting thread with examples of when to double down.

🎧 Bitcoin Vs Altcoins with Dan Held & Erik Voorhees – this was a great listen. Erik Voorhees is so articulate and I really like his logical and reasonable approach.

These Book Nooks are SO cool πŸ€“

A case for the long BTC HODL πŸ’ͺ

⚠️ Tail-end events are all that matter – a very tough lesson.

The Margin Loan – Interesting tradfi example of using leverage and the benefits of doing it πŸ€”

And a DeFi version of above – FollowTheChain ⛓️ & RicBurton demonstrating how using a MakerDAO vault to live of DAI and avoid selling your Eth during the Bear market.

Maker Vaults wouldn’t work with Liquidators 🦾 and this is a nice intro.

🧰 I’ve been working on Fleek and Cloudflare lately and it’s been fun – Fleek Makes Deploying and Maintaining an ENS+IPFS Website Easier than Ever

Photo by Antonio DiCaterina on Unsplash

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